Peanut and Chaos


Peanut Butta, one smooth operator, knocks on the wrong hotel door but likes what he sees. He asks Chaos, tall, dark and bare-chested, if he can use the bathroom. OK, but Chaos wants a favor in return. So the guys kiss and strip down, and Chaos falls to his knees and sucks PB’s long johnson till it’s stiff. When Peanut Butter starts to finger his new buddy’s asshole, you know where his thoughts are. Pushing Chaos down on the bed, he rolls his legs up and eats out his ass. Chaos’s head snaps back—wow! Peanut Butter’s dick is even thicker than his tongue. But after it’s fucked Chaos from several points of the compass, on and over and off the bed, both guys show what fun they had by jacking to climax. When Peanut Butter showers, Chaos yells that his visitor owes him another favor. And so it goes...

Peanut and ChaosPeanut and ChaosPeanut and Chaos