Phat Daddy and Brooklyn



Director Jalin Fuentes questions Brooklyn before Phat Daddy takes his turn. cOn a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate King Dingo? Brooklyn replies, 10! Oops, director Jalin Fuentes says, Daddy you better step up your game and get an 11. Using his big lips to good advantage, Brooklyn lavishes some oral attention on Daddy's dick, and from the sucking sounds he makes it sure seems like he's having a wonderful time! Taking Brooklyn from behind, Daddy reams him out, slaps his ass and keeps on asking him, Who's Yo Daddy? As the action heats up, Daddy puts his boi on his back for even deeper penetration, finally erupting all over his face with huge spurts of spunk.

Phat Daddy and BrooklynPhat Daddy and BrooklynPhat Daddy and Brooklyn