Phat Daddy and Cassanova Blue


Phat Daddy and Cassanova Blue have to share a bed. Daddy strips to the skin but Blue keeps his shorts on. Once Blue’s asleep, Daddy inches his hand up his bed partner’s leg till he has a handful of dick to stroke, then eases the dude’s shorts down over his fine azz. Around the time Daddy’s big hard dick starts probing Blue’s exposed booty crack, Blue wakes up. “You been grinding your ass on me,” Daddy says and talks Blue into sucking his dick. Blue takes to cocksucking just fine, tightening his lips around the crown and sucking as much meat into his mouth as he can. But soon Blue assumes the position, face buried in the mattress, azz up in the air. Blue grunts and groans and curses the whole time Daddy is pushing his huge fuck tool inside him. But he gets to like being stuffed full of dick, and Daddy’s got a lot to feed his stretched hole—which he does, in several positions. Daddy only pulls out when it’s time to pop all over Blue’s smiling face. Though Daddy’s already got his nut, he nibbles on Blue’s nipples until his satisfied partner gets his too.

Phat Daddy and Cassanova BluePhat Daddy and Cassanova BluePhat Daddy and Cassanova Blue