Phyre and Polo


Straight out of Philly, Polo brings some of his brotherly love to the screen. Polo is an easy going, laid back type of guy who always has a smile on his face. Polo enjoys hanging out with his boys and eating those world-famous Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, one of his favorite pastimes. When Polo is not out sexin’ some hot boy, you can find him at home studying for his a degree in Engineering. Polo makes his Pitbull Productions’ debut in Bottoms Up with his co- star Phyre.
Phyre hails from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Phyre brings a certain kind of heat and flava to his sex, the kind that only Philly boys have. Phyre is a head strong, no nonsense type of person, who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. Phyre likes bowling, amusement parks, and swimming. Phyre makes his Pitbull Productions debut in Bottoms Up with his co- star Polo. He also stars in Straight Meat.

Phyre and PoloPhyre and PoloPhyre and Polo