Pinky, Peanut and Angel


Nuttin is easy when three slender hotties cum together! Pinky has a massage practice, and he must be popular. After he massages Angel, the towels come off so his client can blow him. Enter Peanut Butta, complaining it’s time for his massage. Not to worry. Soon Peanut Butta has his mouth full of Angel’s dick. The guys on the couch are a tasty tangle of limbs, dick and ass. Pinky spreads Angel out against the back of the couch, pushes his dick between his client’s buns and fucks him fierce. Peanut Butta is first to squirt while riding Pinky’s big dick and sucking Angel’s. Then Pinky and Angel each stroke out a load as they sit on the couch. It’s easy to see why Pinky’s massage practice has taken off.

Pinky, Peanut and AngelPinky, Peanut and AngelPinky, Peanut and Angel