Pinky and Rhythm


Pinky didn’t earn his handle because he’s hung like his little finger. He proves that right away in the shower, soaping his business to its full ten inches, then following his prize piece into the next room and his buddy Rhythm’s admiring mouth. Down on his knees, Rhythm pays Pinky’s pole the oral respect it deserves. Pinky himself is not too proud to get down on his knees and suck. But that’s just foreplay to flipping Rhythm over, mounting him from behind and long-dicking him until he can’t hold off any more. Pinky pulls out of Rhythm’s fine butt and christens it with his jizz. Though Pinky’s got his nut, he’s kind enough to fuck Rhythm’s face as Rhythm jacks to his. And guess what? Pinky’s remarkable rod coughs up yet another big helping of nut-cream.

Pinky and RhythmPinky and RhythmPinky and Rhythm