Ass Professor and Kapone X


The Ass Professor, with a toss of a coin, wins Kapone X’s hot booty. Kapone gives the professor’s swelling rod a long juicy blowjob that in the end leaves his face as glazed as the Professor’s full-blown fuck-tool. The Professor puts Kapone over his knee, smacks his ass and fingers the candy center. Then he proceeds to give a master’s class in butt fucking. He flings Kapone to the mattress and pokes him from behind. “Ah, dude,” Kapone moans, slamming his ass back as the Professor slams into him. With his huge dick, the Professor can really rear back and pound. He rolls Kapone up on his shoulders and pile-drives the wide-open hole. A hard driving fuck accelerates until the Ass Professor pulls out, spooges on Kapone’s open lips and face. Kapone lies back and strokes and blows all over his crunched-up gut.

Ass Professor and Kapone XAss Professor and Kapone XAss Professor and Kapone X