Ass Professor and Kaven Sincer


The Ass Professor is having a smoke when Kaven Sincer passes by and asks the guy if he’s gay. The Professor says sure. Kaven is curious. The Professor takes Kaven inside and talks him into jacking his dick—and from there the lesson just gets hotter. The Professor’s got a big one, and soon Kaven has his lips wrapped around it. As hard as he tries, Kaven can’t get more than a few hard fat inches into his mouth. So the Professor gets Kaven out of his pants and sits the dude’s cherry azz on his big hard rod—damn, that’s a wicked curve! Once the rookie butt-boi has gotten past his first shock at the size of the thing, the Professor flips him around and breaks his azz in, fucking it as hard and fast as he can, not letting up till he’s ready to squirt his hot seed all up and down Kaven’s steamy azz-crack. Kaven shows us he’s had a good time too when he spooges all over himself.

Ass Professor and Kaven SincerAss Professor and Kaven SincerAss Professor and Kaven Sincer