Tek and Rabbit


Tek and Rabbit, tall and short, are walking the streets. Tek is rubbing his crotch already. As soon as the guys get back to their room he tells Rabbit to suck his cock. With his dark good looks and his tight, muscled body, this is a man who gets what he wants. As Rabbit takes Tek’s big, meaty johnson into his mouth, Tek grunts and gives his cocksucker directions. Rabbit never looks cuter than when Tek stuffs his face with thug dick. Tek’s huge tool just gets huger. He reaches down to cop a feel of Rabbit’s firm, fuzzy booty, then spits into his asshole, opens it up with a finger and finally fills it with his big hard fuckstick. With Rabbit on his hands and knees on the bed, Tek stands on the floor and slams his lean hips into his fuckbuddy. Sometimes the camera pulls back and takes in both hot brown bodies all at once, sometimes it gets so close you’ll swear you feel the heat. After fucking Rabbit all over the bed, Tek pins his bitch’s knees to his chest and pumps him as deep as his big dick will take him. After Tek pulls out he drops a load in his bottom boi’s open mouth then makes him lick his sloppy rod clean.

Tek and RabbitTek and RabbitTek and Rabbit