Remy and Kilian


Down in the men's room at a packed French disco, sly, seductive Remy, with his tight bod and shaved head, moves to a urinal and whips out his cock. Just as lean but with tight black curls, Kilian whips his out too. Before long Kilian drops to the floor so Remy can fill his mouth with his big brown fuckstick. When Remy's features register his pleasure, he looks as sleek and dangerous as a wildcat. The public setting for this juicy blowjob raises the heat. When the camera pulls back, we can see the action repeated in the bathroom mirror. Then these young French thugs move the action backstage.With their pants around their knees, Kilian braces himself against the wall and Remy mounts him and fucks him hard and fast. On the other side of the door the club roars. After Remy's drilled Kilian over the sink, he pulls out and lets his partner jack him to a creamy climax and lick him off. Then Remy mounts Kilian again so his butt-boi can get his nut.

Remy and KilianRemy and KilianRemy and Kilian