Rhythm and Chaos


When Rhythm gets tired of blowing up balloons for the big party, Chaos makes him an offer he can’t refuse: blowing instead on his big black beef-stick.  Rhythm finds his groove and gives his sexy buddy a long suck as each guy slowly strips down.  Even when Rhythm stands and feeds Chaos his dick for a minute, there’s never any doubt who’s in control here.  Chaos bends Rhythm over the table and bones him hard, climbing up onto his back and driving downwards, then does the same when the action moves to the bed.  This quiet boi turns monster once he’s buried his dick in booty.  Rhythm grunts and moans the whole time, biting the bedspread until Chaos turns him over and fucks him face-to-face.  When Chaos rolls onto his back, both guys pound their dicks and pop together. Dudes decide blow off the party and go out for a drink.

Rhythm and ChaosRhythm and ChaosRhythm and Chaos