Ricky and Chuck


Chuck 21 years old from Nashville, Tennessee, Dark Brown Skin Black, Height 5í9, Weight 155 lbs, Medium slim built, nice round fat ass, Low bald fade, 8 inch of brown sugar cock.

Ricky Martinez 26 years old from Los Vegas, Nevada, Yellow Skinned Dominican, Height 5'7, Weight 145 lbs, nice small frame athletic tone body structure, sexy bald head, and 8 inch of rubber band flexible cock that can stretch any direction as possible.

Chuck & Martinez met at a social event after the announcement of there company merging, where they got a chance to get to know a little of information about one another. Chuck is a very intelligent guy who always a book worm to the books, also he enjoy playing golf, playing tennis, and riding his bike in marathons.

Martinez is a pimp to the game, always on the prowl 4 a new victim to climb the ladder of success, meaning he was working in the mail room in the company now he one of the company assistance manager in the mail room. He enjoy playing video games, partying in night clubs, going camping, and traveling.

Chuck & Martinez end up hooking up after there company social event later on that night after exchanging number. Martinez went out for dinner and end up at Martinez hotel room where they begin kissing, licking, slobbing, sucking, and fucking like wild horses in the barn. Martinez fuck the dog shit out of Chuck, He just could take the movement of Martinez flexibility all over the bed, making love to fuck wild crazy.

Chuck ending there session by sucking nut Martinez dick in one of the weirdest position, by pulling Martinez dick why it was on hard pass the crack of his ass in his mouth to release an ocean of cum. Martinez later on that month got another promotion out the mail room to one of the corporate office. (Job well Done)

Ricky and ChuckRicky and ChuckRicky and Chuck