Romello and Fantasi Foreal


Romello, born and raised in Miami. He truly brings the Miami heat to the screen. Romello was discovered in the gym after an onlooker told him, "With a dick like that you should be in movies." Romello is a shy guy until you get to know him, then you get to see the freaky side of him, like watching two guys fight over who would ride his huge dick first. Romello loves to play football and basketball and loves to work hard toward his dream car, a Ferrari 430. Romello is featured in "Dillon, The One."
Fantasi Foreal comes to us from Georgia. The young red bone is outgoing and a true flirt at heart. He loves spending time doing crossword puzzles, playing soccer, cooking and dancing. Fantasi Foreal is looking forward to running his own video company one day. He appears in "Dillon, The One."

Romello and Fantasi ForealRomello and Fantasi ForealRomello and Fantasi Foreal