Rosco and Zion


When Zion finds out that Rosco nailed his boyfriend’s azz, he’s so upset he offers the big, sexy guy his own. First he fishes Rosco’s big coffee-colored cock out of his shorts. Easygoing Rosco lies back and grunts encouragement as Zion opens wide and takes his oversized bone down to the balls. Zion has a big hard dick of his own, and Rosco ain’t too proud to give it a suck. But Zion is soon on his hands and knees, thrashing his head back and forth, howling to the beat of Rosco’s fat piece ramming his azz over and over. Rosco’s own booty is big and round, and it powers a merciless fuck. When Zion’s well-worked hole can’t take any more, his stiffy spits up a load of jizz in self-defense. Rosco pulls out and explodes all over his new bitch’s face.

Rosco and ZionRosco and ZionRosco and Zion