Rudy and Ocean


Rudy Scott is conducting an interview with another wannabe escort.  Ocean is a big sexy stud with a long, hard body—but little Rudy has a pretty big mouth.  He orders the lug to strip and says, “Make me want you.”  Ocean shows off his body, his flexibility, his truly beautiful booty.  But what seals the deal is how he sucks Rudy’s cock down to the base.  Rudy likes to hold it there, testing his latest escort’s throat for depth.  Next, Rudy gets up on the bed, lifts his azz and makes Ocean lick his hole and fuck it with his tongue.  The camera catches every last lap.  The smile on Rudy’s face tells us his trainee has talent.  When it’s time to fuck, Rudy grabs Ocean by the neck, throws him down on the bed and mounts his upturned booty, plunging in and out of his chute like he’s drilling for oil, slamming so hard that he fucks Ocean halfway off the bed.  Then he lifts his bottom boi’s legs, pins him in half and hammers him deeper.  When it comes to fucking, Rudy is as inventive as he’s tireless, twisting Ocean into impossible positions yet always nailing his azz, until neither guy can take any more.  Lying next to each other, they stroke their big throbbing dicks.  Ocean erupts all over his belly and Rudy grabs Ocean’s head, splatters his face and forces him to lick his new employer’s slimy fucktool clean.

Rudy and OceanRudy and OceanRudy and Ocean