Hot Boi and Max Sanchez


Max Sanchez, a sexy Latin boi with tats, a tight body and a Mohawk, is mopping the floor when Hot Boi rushes in. These hot and hungry guyz are all over each other, groping, stripping down. Hot Boi is the first to go to his knees and suck his buddy’s dick, but soon Max is returning the favor. In an impressive oral display, Max swallows Hot Boi’s huge, fat fuckstick all the way to the nuts until, slick with spit, it’s standing up. Max, bewitched at the sight, bends over, lifts a leg onto a table and prepares for full anal assault. When it comes, he grunts but his hard dick stays that way, even after he rolls onto his back and pulls his legs to his chest so Hot Boy can bang him deeper. After a while these hungry guys flip-flop, Hot Boi bending over the bench so Max can stuff his big black booty, first with his tongue, then with his johnson. Hot Boi braces himself with one hand and strokes his stiff dick with the other. When it’s time to cum, these fuck-buds are sitting next to each other, pulling on their poles. Max explodes first, but before he’s finished splattering his tats with jizz, Hot Boi is blowing too. These guys just gotta smile.

Hot Boi and Max SanchezHot Boi and Max SanchezHot Boi and Max Sanchez