Mr Sauki and Chyna


Mr. Sauki is one hell of a powerful black thug – impossible to resist, even for straight men. Mr. Sauki spots Chyna, no slouch in the looks (or dick) department, at the gym. Chyna’s dropped in for a late workout, thinking he’d have the gym all to himself. When Mr. Sauki drops his rock hard dick down onto Chyna’s face, you see Chyna fighting the urge to suck, an urge he quickly gives in to. As Chyna swallows every succulent inch, Mr. Sauki smiles, knowing full well that Chyna’s hot ass will soon be wide open and willing to get fucked. The sex positions these two get into as they screw on every piece of gym equipment available are totally awesome and when they both nut they spew buckets of jizz all over each other.

Mr Sauki and ChynaMr Sauki and ChynaMr Sauki and Chyna