Sexcyone and Rican-Papi


Sexcyone is one big bad black muthafucka. The narrow beard that outlines his hard jaw just adds to his air of menace. Rican-Papi shows up at Sexcyone’s room to say he’s short of the money he owes the thug. Sexcyone explodes in anger, pushes Papi down to his knees and beats him across the face with his big black truncheon of a dick. You can smell how scared Papi is. He opens his mouth, and soon Sexcyone’s enormous bone is pushing past his tonsils. Sexcyone bounces Rican-Papi’s head up and down his rod like a b-ball, then folds Papi in half on the bed. When the thug pushes the head of his tool through the ring of Rican-Papi’s azz, Papi’s eyes roll back in his head like he just died. But after his fucker fills him with dick, he revives enough to holler. Sexcyone throws his firm meaty ass into the fuck like he really means it, then flips Papi around, mounts him from behind and fucks even harder. It’s not long before both guys are ready to blow a load, Papi all over his belly and Sexcyone all over Papi’s face. Dude still looks scared—but oh so satisfied.

Sexcyone and Rican-PapiSexcyone and Rican-PapiSexcyone and Rican-Papi