Sexcyone and Shawty


Sexcy One and Shawty met when they were in California after performing in a strip club. Sexcy One & Shawty finish their conversation in the back room of the club where they can have privacy to become intimately wild like animals. Sexcy One & Shawty were conversing about sexual act they perform on others, discovering that they have experienced everything. In order to complete every sexual act, they begin to perform on each other like they were giving a show. Sexcy One flipped Shawty upside down like he was a loaf of bread to nibble on Shawty's ass like birds going wild for bread crumbs, while Shawty deep throated that 10 inch thick dick of Sexcy One. Shawty hopped on Sexcy One's dick like it was a horse, just jiggling that fat ass that his momma blessed him with, to get a cum fall release on his stomach. The after effect left a smile on both of their faces.

Sexcyone and ShawtySexcyone and ShawtySexcyone and Shawty