Jax + Shorty


Shorty hasn't seen his buddy in a while. It's time to catch up and the best way to do that is to undress Jax, kiss him passionately, and give him a fantastic blowjob. Jax tells Shorty, “That's right, sink your lips down on my cock, lick my balls, move your hands on my dick!" Shorty follows instructions perfectly, working the light skinned thug's meat until his sex sausage is filled to bursting. Jax moves Shorty onto the bed. It's time to get a good taste of the bottom boi's juicy ass. Jax is not bashful; he eats that ass like it's the best Barbeque in town, stuffing several fingers along with his tongue deep inside. He finger pops Shorty's butt hole until the randy thug begs for his dick. Then the big guy begins the reunion with an ass smacking, pile driving fuck. He twists his boi's body every which way, banging him without mercy. The two continue until Jax just has to nut, which he does all over his belly, then he bites Shorty's tender nips and jacks him off all the while urging him to, “Pop that nut. You know you wanna give it to me!"

Jax + ShortyJax + ShortyJax + Shorty