Shorty Ruff and Timberland


Moody, sexy Shorty Ruff is lying on the window seat and looking out the window when Timberland, showing off his fine chest, comes in, Shorty closes the curtain so they can kiss and more. After the guys lose their pants, we see lean Shorty’s got a fat one. He goes to his knees and blows T. Before the session is over, Shorty will take a long hard ride on that dick. By the time Timberland pulls out, Shorty Ruff’s hot body is glistening with sweat. Standing over Shorty, Timberland jacks his piece and adds to the mess, leaving his creamy load all over the dude he’s just fucked—but at least he licks it up.

Shorty Ruff and TimberlandShorty Ruff and TimberlandShorty Ruff and Timberland