Slayer and Juice


Two tall, beautiful, tight-bodied black dudes are walking down the hall, towels over their shoulders, naked except for bling and ‘do rags, black and white—team colors? They turn into a hotel room and kiss.  Slayer lowers Juice to the bed and licks him. The guys, pretty evenly matched, wrap their juicy bodies around each other. It’s no big surprise when, after lots of sucking and dry humping, Juice sits on Slayer’s dick for a bit. Then Juice rolls Slayer up on his back and laps at his hole, preparing him for a poke. After spreading Slayer’s legs for a scissors fuck, Juice pulls out and jacks his juice all over Slayer’s chiseled gut. These buddies rub their sticky bodies as Juice strokes Slayer off. It’s a draw

Slayer and JuiceSlayer and JuiceSlayer and JuiceSlayer and JuiceSlayer and JuiceSlayer and Juice