Tek and X-Stacy


Sleek and sly, with his trim goatee and stache, Tek is one sexy stud. No wonder X-Stacy, a slender pretty-boi, has his paws all over Tek’s crotch. Already Tek’s big dick is tenting his shorts. X-Stacy falls to his knees and gobbles it down to the root. Tek leans back, rubs his tight belly and enjoys the oral attention he’s getting. Soon he’s so excited he’s pushing X-Stacy down on the bed, spitting into his exposed asscrack, and mounting the sloppy hole from behind. X-Stacy yells at the mammoth invasion, but it’s too late: he’s been nailed. Tek flattens X-Stacy out and practically drills him through the mattress. Then he flips his bottom boi over and slams him some more. Tek is so sweaty he shines by the time he announces he’s gonna cum. And he does, but not before a well-fucked X-Stacy sends a fountain of jizz up his belly. Tek shoots spooge all over X-Stacy’s face and chest. A grateful X-Stacy laps at his fucker’s slimy fuckstick.

Tek and X-StacyTek and X-StacyTek and X-Stacy