Supreme, Bebe, and Jermaine


Dreaming of hot sweaty sex, half-asleep and horny Bebe is awakened by Jermaine kissing and licking everwhere he can. Bebe is easily aroused by Jermaine's hard naked body; little does he know Jermaine has a surprise in store for him! Bebe is now entangled in a hot steamy threeway. Bebe moans with passion as Supreme and Jermaine fill him up from both ends. Supreme turns up the heat as he throws Bebe's legs over his shoulders and pounds away at his tight, wet hole. As Bebe rides Supreme he shoots his load all over Supreme. Jermaine is so overcome with ecstacy, Supreme takes him from behind and fucks him until they both explode all over Jermaine.

Supreme, Bebe, and JermaineSupreme, Bebe, and JermaineSupreme, Bebe, and Jermaine