Supreme and Da Bomb


When Supreme arrives for a blind date, he won’t shake Da Bomb‘s hand. But he does pull off the guy’s white cap, stand him up and push his white shorts down. When Supreme sheds his own pants, Bomb is shocked as shit: Do dicks really get that big? The fat flesh-pole poking down his throat says yes, this one does. Big muscular Supreme, wearing nothing but shades now, slaps his fat sausage across Da Bomb’s face, big black nutsack swaying low. Bomb’s eyes are bigger than his mouth. But Supreme’s hands on the back of his head help the cocksucker jam more and more beef-stick down his straining gullet. After all these preliminaries, no one’s surprised when Supreme bends Bomb over and plugs him from behind. Bomb squeals—that thing is for real. With the beast aroused, Supreme fucks hard and goes off fast, seeding the crack he just power-plowed. Getting a little frantic himself, Da Bomb grabs his dick, strokes and explodes.



Supreme and Da BombSupreme and Da BombSupreme and Da Bomb