Supreme and Carlos


Porn superstar and body beautiful Carlos Morales is half a head taller than Supreme. But when Carlos asks the owner of the meanest cock in the business to give him a lesson on the bongo drums, Supreme shows he’s in charge by drumming on Carlos’s butt. After the guys strip down, Supreme’s cock has never looked more enormous. He pushes that big fat meatstick as far down Carlos’s throat as it will go, then lays Carlos down on his back so he can really drill his gullet. With his fuck-tool hard and wet, Supreme pins his partner’s legs back till he looks like a wishbone—then he mounts him. When he fucks Carlos from behind, he leans on his head and pounds. Then he bangs Carlos in a dozen positions you won’t find in any sex manual.  Once Supreme’s anaconda has stroked across his bitch-boi’s joy-button one too many times, Carlos sends a stream of cream up his fine flexing torso. Supreme keeps pounding till he has to pull out. He glazes Carlos’s hungry face with a big heaping helping of liquid love.


Supreme and CarlosSupreme and CarlosSupreme and Carlos