Supreme and Chaos


Super top Supreme gets his nut off with dark chocolate Chaos when the two brothas hook up on a hot summer night at Supreme’s crib. The air conditioner’s not working and, after a few brews, the boys start to sweat. Supreme suggests they get buck-naked to cool off and Chaos, already sporting a hard-on, readily agrees. Within seconds Chaos has Supreme’s big dick stuffed way down his throat and he sucks it greedily until you wonder how Supreme can keep from nutting. With a groan, Supreme positions Chaos with his butt pushed high up in the air. Stroking his huge, hard cock, Supreme lubes up Chaos’s asshole and plunges his dick deep inside the horny bottom. He then proceeds to fuck the living crap out of Chaos, who shows he loves every ass-stretching minute of this hot, wild fuck.

Supreme and ChaosSupreme and ChaosSupreme and Chaos