Supreme, Dillon, and Kidd Kaj


Supreme and Dillon, two of the biggest, baddest dicks in the business, are working at the Pitbull office. Cocky, muscular Kidd Kaj, the janitor, comes in to clean up. When Supreme gets fed up with the lip Kaj has been giving him, he pulls out his dick and orders Kaj to suck it. Although Kaj takes a big part of Supreme’s fat sausage into his mouth, Supreme isn’t satisfied. So when Kaj starts sucking Dillon, Supreme tries taking the janitor from behind. Kaj’s resistant hole pushes Supreme’s invading pole back out. So Dillon moves to Kaj’s rear and manages to open the hole and fit ten inches of fuck-tool inside it. With Kaj’s fuck-channel opened up, Supreme takes another crack at Kaj’s pretty black booty. With his mouth full of Dillon’s dick, Kaj can’t howl much when Supreme pokes his hole from behind, finding little resistance now. Dillon strokes off on Kaj’s ass and leaves, freeing Supreme to go wild. With no dick in his mouth now, Kaj yells, but Supreme only pumps the janitor’s booty harder, flexing his own big fuzzy ass as he fucks, his huge low-hangers banging. Supreme pulls out and nuts all over Kaj’s face. Sullen Kaj only smiles when he nuts himself. Now that he’s got what he wanted, the janitor quits.

Supreme, Dillon, and Kidd KajSupreme, Dillon, and Kidd KajSupreme, Dillon, and Kidd Kaj