Supreme + Kidd Kaj


Supreme is fixing dinner and Kidd Kaj is bitching: “I ain’t gonna eat this shit!” So forget the chicken and bring on The Cock. Supreme shuts the Kidd up by feeding him some super-sized all-meat sausage. Damn, it’s getting hot in the kitchen, and even hotter when the action moves to the bedroom. Supreme spreads cute brown Kaj out and spikes him with his fuck-pole. Supreme’s superb body flexes and pumps as he fucks as hard as he ever has. He twists Kaj into several positions, each designed to bring deeper satisfaction to Supreme’s raging dick. Things get so intense that the Kidd surrenders, sending up a plume of spooge so high that he splatters his own lips. Supreme rolls his used-up buddy over and hoses his fine young butt down with love sauce, the perfect way to end any meal—and Supreme’s steamiest outing yet.

Supreme + Kidd KajSupreme + Kidd KajSupreme + Kidd KajSupreme + Kidd KajSupreme + Kidd KajSupreme + Kidd Kaj