Supreme and Midnight


Out on the street Midnight kicks off Scene 5 when he tries to bum a smoke from Supreme. Instead, Supreme drives Midnight back to his crib and offers the friendly giant a big fat blunt to suck on. How can a guy refuse? Supreme kicks back as Midnight struggles to stuff more and more of his host’s swollen tool in his mouth. But it’s Midnight’s other major hole that Supreme really wants to drill. Supreme, naturally, gets what he wants, spearing his buddy’s big black ass, pumping it full of big black dick, humping him sidesaddle, twisting him around like a pretzel so he can fold him in two and fuck without mercy. Supreme is leaning on Midnight’s ass, just pounding away, when he pulls out to hose down the fire. Did someone say “smoke”?

Supreme and MidnightSupreme and MidnightSupreme and Midnight