Supreme and Lil Jay


Supreme and Lil Jay are comparing their horoscopes. Supreme, a Scorpio takes the paper and reads: .My dick definitely needs to be in your ass.. Lil Jay doesn.t argue but sucks Supreme.s big meat so hard his big nuts bob in their low-hanging sack. Supreme pushes more and more of his meat into Lil Jay.s bobbing head. When he.s gotten the rod good and wet, Lil Jay gets up onto his hands and knees and raises his ass. Supreme mounts Lil Jay, or tries to. It takes a while. But once Supreme.s persistent poking with his big pole breaks down all resistance, Supreme climbs aboard and steadily pounds Lil Jay.s stunned asshole. After a long, arduous fuck, Supreme pulls out spills all over Lil Jay.s open mouth. Then Lil Jay lies back and strokes himself sticky. But by now Supreme has vacated the premises. Who knows when he.ll surface next? We can only be sure of the havoc this beast will wreak on every hole he crosses on his eternal fuck prowl.

Supreme and Lil JaySupreme and Lil JaySupreme and Lil Jay