Supreme and Sylk


Supreme and Sylk are tossing back a few brews when Supreme realizes just how fine his buddy's ass is. As the guys strip and tumble onto the big bed, Supreme massages Sylk's butt - round, muscular, manly. Supreme gets his piece wet by pushing as much as he can into Sylk's mouth. Even this fine suck-job can only divert an ass-minded man like Supreme for so long. No one who's seen Supreme in action will be surprised when he pushes Sylk over the bed, buries his face in the pillows and mounts his ass, plunging so deep that it looks like he's trying to climb up the poor boi's back. After Supreme has fucked Sylk thoroughly from behind, he twirls him around and fucks him from the front, then turns himself around and fucks him backward-and in several other positions you'll have to see to believe. By the time Supreme pulls out and seeds Sylk's sticky asscrack, no booty in all the long saga of Love of the Dick has gotten so thoroughly plundered.

Supreme and SylkSupreme and SylkSupreme and Sylk