Supreme and Tyriek


Supreme’s now an Artist’s Model, using his rippling body to earn some bucks. But when he strips down to his boxers, his dick sticks out so far that the distracted artist, Tyriek, does what he has to, fishing out Supreme’s trouser trout and taking as much of it into his mouth as he can. Supreme grabs the back of his head and helps him take more. Tyriek swallows most of it, but “most” is never enough for Supreme. He slams Tyriek facedown and stuffs him full of big fat fuck-tool. Tyriek howls, but he’s ready to suffer for his art. Bracing himself against the wall, Supreme thrusts in and out without mercy. After a couple hundred body blows like this, Tyriek is climbing the wall too! Supreme pumps and doesn’t let up until he paints the artist’s face a creamy white. Fucking masterpiece!

Supreme and TyriekSupreme and TyriekSupreme and Tyriek