Supreme and Jay Untouchable


Supreme begins Scene Five behind the wheel. Street-wise Jay Untouchable hops into the passenger seat. Supreme no sooner gets Jay home than Jay is stripping down. Supreme doesn't bother with preliminaries. When Jay bends over and pulls his buttcheeks apart, Supreme inspects his hole and decides he'll more than do. In a benevolent mood, he uses lots of lube. The heavy chain around his neck sways as he pushes his endless dick down into the tight opening. On Jay's face we can read the strain. Once Supreme's thick spike nails Jay's ass in place, he drills the dude silly, pulling him by the neck and arms, even sitting on him for a while. Jay shows his appreciation by drenching himself in joy-juice as Supreme squirts his own well-earned load all over Jay's face.

Supreme and Jay UntouchableSupreme and Jay UntouchableSupreme and Jay Untouchable