Sweet Poison and Sir Creme


Sweet Poison is bitching cuz his boi Sir Creme—a sexy stud with an athlete’s body, curly hair, bedroom eyes and a big thick dick to back it all up—has been turning tricks. The only way to shut the guy up is to fill his mouth with thug cock—yeah, that works. Bobbing his head and slobbering, pretty boi Poison forgets what he was complaining about. Creme moves his hips and talks dirty. Now that he’s in control, he orders Sweet Poison to bend over the table, lays his big pipe to his boi’s ass-split and plugs his hole. Sweet Poison arches his back and pushes his booty back onto his invader. He whimpers a lot but his hard-on tells us pain like this is a pleasure. The camera, underneath the action, catches Sir Creme's big swaying nuts as he batters his bitch’s sweet azz. It looks like Sweet Poison has learned his lesson: while he’s getting drilled he surrenders a stream of jizz. Creme lives up to his name, depositing a cupful of the sticky white stuff all over his smiling boyfriend’s cheek.

Sweet Poison and Sir CremeSweet Poison and Sir CremeSweet Poison and Sir Creme