Thugz Gone Wild


West Coast thugz on the make. Blatino homies in heat!

Kamrun wants the contents of the briefcase muscle thug Aaron Ridge just stole. Aaron wants Kamrun’s ass. Seems like a fair trade! Marc Williams and Hot Boi are moving furniture when Hot Boi says they are getting’ paid by the hour so why not get paid to get laid. Marc tops Hot Boi until his butt’s burned out, then a wild flip flop takes top man Marc down!
Kamrun needs some fast cash. He’s gonna put D.J. out on the street but first he has to sample the merchandise. Sex-hungry D.J. is only too happy to give it up! Justin Blade and Hench Ramos play high card takes it off. As each piece of clothing falls to the floor their dicks get stiffer. By the time they’re naked, it’s time to suck and fuck! Aaron Ridge gets home late. Boy toy D.J. is pissed. “Shut the fuck up and suck my dick,” Aaron growls. D.J. takes all 9 inches and with a big smile!