Thugzilla and Chyna


When Chyna applies for the position of bitch, Thugzilla makes him strip and bend over. Chyna's ass is huge. Thugzilla now teaches it to beg for dick. But before it gets the stuffing it craves, Chyna drops to his knees and opens his mouth. When a thug's as big and rough as Thugzilla, you wanna get him good and wet. Thugzilla rehearses his best hip moves on Chyna's face. But booty is what he's after. So he bends Chyna over the arm of the couch and opens the boi's backdoor. After Thugzilla has fit every inch of his fuck-tool up Chyna's love canal, he grabs Chyna's dreads like they're reins and rides until he's made that azz his pussy. It takes a little while. Thugzilla practically climbs up Chyna's butt, fucking him up against the wall. Having nowhere to go, Chyna takes the pounding-and likes it. He blows a load all over his belly as Thugzilla pops all over his new bitch's grateful face.

Thugzilla and ChynaThugzilla and ChynaThugzilla and Chyna