Thugzilla and Paceo


Thugzilla likes Paceo Marks because he's cute, light-skinned and has a job. But he's thin, so Thugzilla has him do biceps curls-he likes his bitches butch. Since this is Thugzilla, most of the workout focuses on Paceo's azz. Squats open his backdoor wide. As Paceo tries to bench press, Thugzilla fills the prone boi's throat with swelling dick. This gets both of them ready for the main event. Thugzilla bends Paceo over the bench, mounts and pounds his ass, flips him around and pounds him some more, then makes Paceo sit on his dick and do some of the work. The boi rides till he blows a load, Thugzilla pulls out and explodes as well, streaking Paceo's chest sticky.

Thugzilla and PaceoThugzilla and PaceoThugzilla and Paceo