Thugzilla and Xclusive


Xclusive is the latest guy to apply for the job. Thugzilla wonders if he’s got what it takes to be a thug bitch and has him strip. The guy is skinny but his booty is choice. And even a demanding taskmaster like Thugzilla has to admit he’s cute. It helps that Xclusive moans like he means it when he fingers his asshole. He moans some more when he goes down on Thugzilla’s big dick, even as the thug is catching it all on tape. When Thugzilla pushes Xclusive over the cushion in the middle of the room and mounts him, the boi really moans. Thugzilla shows no mercy. Between punishing fuck-strokes he smacks the boi’s ass. When Thugzilla sits down, Xclusive sits on Thugzilla’s dick. But Thugzilla likes to direct the action, so he pushes Xclusive back on the cushion, folds him in two and climbs up onto the cushion with him so he can drill deeper. When Thugzilla is ready to blow, he glazes his latest bitch’s face. And Xclusive is right there with him, making a grateful mess of himself. Looks like this azz is a keeper!

Thugzilla and XclusiveThugzilla and XclusiveThugzilla and Xclusive