Thugzillas Bitch Hunt


Straight Shootin' Thug Sex! Thugs Turn Bottoms Into Their Bitches!


Thugzilla wakes up to find his bitch is gone. Obviously he needs to find a new bitch fast, as we can see from his enormous erection! What’s a top to do in this kind of desperate situation? Thugzilla holds an open audition to see who’ll show up. And he’s not disappointed.

As one hot thug after another pushes up their hot bottoms to be fucked, Thugzilla comes to the conclusion that maybe having a lot of different gay thug bottoms is better than having just one!

Of course, there is a small twist. Thugzilla also insists that the bottom who becomes his full time bitch has to have a real job as well!

Don’t miss the surprise ending! It’s worth the price of admission.