Tiger and Carter


Tiger’s in the shower, soaping up his big uncut wonder. The doorbell rings, it’s Carter, here to tutor Tiger. Instead, Tiger turns teacher himself. He calls his course “Ass 101”, so you know it’s a master class. Once the guys are naked, Carter is smart enough to get Tiger’s tool good and wet. Tiger’s eyes roll and abs flex—this tutor knows how to use his mouth. Now that Tiger’s big and stiff, Carter flips to his belly on the bed so Tiger can grease up his fine, fuzzy ass. When Tiger sinks onto the guy, Carter grunts—and never stops grunting for the whole wild fuck, in more positions than you knew were possible. “Like this lesson?” Tiger asks. Carter’s face looks dumb with pleasure. You’ll like this lesson too. When Tiger pulls out at last, he deposits a thick helping of nut-butter in Carter’s butt crack and up his back. He certainly liked it