Tiger and Czam


Tiger and Czam strip down and Tiger sits back on the couch and lets his cute new friend chow down on his big thick dick. But before long Tiger is laying Czam over the arm of the couch. “You got a tight ass,” he says. But that doesn’t stop him from rearing back and plunging his fat fuck-pole into it, and then doing it again just so Czam can feel it. Tiger likes talking dirty and plundering Czam’s open booty from every position he can think of. The camera catches Tiger’s pumping tool and his pumping ass. Taking his newest boy by the waist, Tiger fucks fast, pulls out and splatters his back with spooge. By the time Czam strokes out a load, Tiger, that sex machine, is stroking out another.

Tiger and CzamTiger and CzamTiger and CzamTiger and CzamTiger and CzamTiger and Czam