Tiger, Jadend, Afroman and Devin


Tiger, Jadend, Afroman, Devin Do-More

Ready for a foursome you will never forget? In The Way You Like It, Tiger Tyson goes freestyle on 3 other thugs, Devin Do-More, Jadend and Afro Man. First Afro Man helps Tiger disrobe. Tiger makes Jadend play his cock like a mouth organ. Tiger's eyes glazes over as he has Afro Man join in a duet, Jadend stays on Tiger’s penis and Afro Man sucks on his balls. Then Tiger lines up the thugs on the mattress as if he is about to fillet some fish at Fulton Fish Market. Tiger keelhauls Afro Man and finishes with a crescendo of jism that will have you howling.

Tiger, Jadend, Afroman and DevinTiger, Jadend, Afroman and DevinTiger, Jadend, Afroman and Devin