Tiger and Jason Tiya


Mega-stars Tiger Tyson and Jason Tiya are hanging out, swapping stories about how they got into the biz, each trying to talk faster than the other. Jason admits he’ll surrender his ass under the right circumstances. Tiger thinks they should make a movie and talks Jason into stripping down and showing his boy-pussy. When Tiger strips down too we see: when it comes to primary equipment, Jason is big but Tiger is even bigger. It stiffens to its full length when Tiger flips Jason over to finger and lube his ass. Still Jason, splayed on the leather couch, roars when Tiger’s big fat tool skewers him—this is where pain and pleasure meet. For a while Jason rides Tiger’s dick like a pogo stick. But Tiger, ever the man of action, finds several acrobatic positions to hump Jason in.  Watching these two hot bodies sweat and strain is a special treat. After the full workout, Tiger pulls out and cums on Jason’s ass. As Jason eyes Tiger, he strokes and sprays his nut all over his bad, beautiful self. 

Tiger and Jason TiyaTiger and Jason TiyaTiger and Jason Tiya