Tiger, Jordan and Kilian


For dick-hungry Kilian, the night has just begun. At the club he throws his arm around Tiger and says, “I will be a bitch for him!” A man of his word, Kilian brings Tiger and his new buddy Jordan back to his place. When the guys strip down, the soft light lends a warmth to their hard brown bodies. Kilian shows he can deep-throat Tiger’s formidable tool, even as Jordan is eating out his azz. When Kilian’s spit-slick hole is as wet as Tiger’s fuckstick, Tiger stuffs it full, pulling on Kilian’s neck and really pounding him. Tiger later shows his prowess by laying big Jordan out on the couch, lifting his legs, folding him in half and drilling him deep as well. As he gives a masters class in buttfucking, Kilian watches in awe. But it isn’t long before Tiger is pinning Kilian’s heels behind his ears and ramming his rear again with his big brown booty plunger. Jordan uses his impressive tool to tickle Kilian’s tonsils. Once again the camera doubles the steamy action by catching it in a mirror. Now that Tiger has crammed every hole on the premises full of dick, he pulls out and blows jizz all over Kilian’s buns. As Tiger takes a shower, Jordan sprays a load over Kilian’s chest.

Tiger, Jordan and KilianTiger, Jordan and KilianTiger, Jordan and Kilian