Tiger and Jordan


Tiger's walking the streets of Paris, looking for the Eiffel Tower. Instead he finds big, black, sexy Jordan, who invites him up to his apartment. When Jordan confesses he's a fan of Tiger's movies, Tiger forgets about Europe's most famous tower and pulls out his own. Before either guy can get out of their clothes, Jordan has Tiger's swelling manhood nestled down his throat. When Jordan strips, his pumped body, chocolate-colored skin, sculpted azz and thick black fuckstick show us he's as sexy as any man in Paris-and as hungry. He gets Tiger's dick as slick and as big as it gets. Tiger pushes Jordan down on the bed and splits his azz with his all-American fuckpole. Then he flips Jordan around, pins the guy's thighs against his chest and pile-drives his wide-open booty. Jordan moans in sweet pain. Tiger pulls out of his new friend's azz, icing it like a piece of French pastry. Then Jordan glazes his own tight, rippled gut.

Tiger and JordanTiger and JordanTiger and Jordan