Tiger and Ludacris


Tiger escapes the noise of a house party by kicking back in a bedroom with Ludacris. Tiger admits that when he’s fucked-up he likes to fuck. Lucky for Tiger, Ludacris likes to get fucked. Tiger pulls his big jawbreaker out and Ludacris opens wide and sucks it in. His asshole gets the stretch treatment too when Tiger lays him out on the bed, ass up, and enters him. Ludacris howls but that doesn’t stop Tiger. He uses his fine body to pump his fat piston in and out of the hole he’s made. When he pulls out, he hoses down his partner’s buttcrack. Soon Ludacris, in drag, is on the phone crowing: “Guess who just fucked me!” Don’t laugh!  If “Tiger Tyson the porn star” had just banged you, you’d be making noise too!

Tiger and LudacrisTiger and LudacrisTiger and Ludacris