Tiger and Mehdi


When the bonus scene on the second disc of Tiger`s Eiffel Tower begins, Tiger and Mehdi are already naked, kneeling on the bed. Mehdi, lean and hungry, sucks on Tiger’s nipple and then works his way down to Tiger’s big dick, even as Tiger reaches down to play with Mehdi’s ass.
With his dick now hard and wet, Tiger gets behind Mehdi, pushes his partner’s head down, lifts his shapely butt and plugs it full of fucktool. Tiger rides azz like a cowboy, then flips Mehdi around, pushes one knee back against his chest and porks the gaping hole. The camera catches Tiger’s long dick plunging in and out. All of Tiger’s lower body undulates sexily. The bed squeaks and Mehdi moans. Tiger grits his teeth and grins: he’s in his mode. With Mehdi facedown again, Tiger leans on the azz he’s pumping and slams it until he pulls out and explodes all over it.

Tiger and MehdiTiger and MehdiTiger and Mehdi