Tiger and Fly Guy


Tiger Tyson lures Fly Guy into his lair with the promise of workout tips.  As Tiger does biceps curls, Fly’s hands admire Tiger’s hard body. This gets Tiger’s pocket pal as hard as the iron he’s pumping. Fly sucks Tiger’s crowbar sloppy as Tiger guides Fly’s head through all the ways a mouth can make a man’s meat happy. Flooded in lots of light, Tiger’s luscious bod and fat brown rod never looked sexier. Since this is Tiger Tyson, it’s not long before he’s playing with Fly’s furry ass, careful to lube his latest booty well before he pokes and pounds Fly from behind. Tyson twists Fly into several positions and draws on all the moves that have made him the most famous fucker in his class. Fly’s flopping boner lets us know he’s having the time of his life, spilling a batch of boy batter even as Tiger’s peerless tool is hosing him down with still more. 


Tiger and Fly GuyTiger and Fly Guy