Tiger and Sexy K


Tiger and Sexy K relax on the bed, dressed, and shooting the shit. But soon they’re stripping down. Tiger’s jeans fall halfway down his tempting ass—yeah, you want it but you can’t have it! When Tiger pumps his big stiff fuck-stick into K’s waiting face, his dreadlocks shake! But for most of this blowjob, Tiger lies back, propped up like a prince, accepting the oral adoration that he’s due. When his need to dominate again takes over, he switches to Sexy K’s other major opening and mounts. With both feet firmly on the bed, Tiger can hump K’s upturned butt like a pile driver.  Later he spreads K’s legs like a wishbone and fucks the open hole. It’s enough to make K pop a load up his lean, undulating body. But Tiger twists K into a few more positions and plugs away. When Tiger pulls out, K tickles his jewels and finds the trigger. By the time Tiger’s finished shooting boi-batter, Sexy K’s a sexy mess.


Tiger and Sexy KTiger and Sexy KTiger and Sexy K